Repair Request or
Do It Yourself

For Emergency/Urgent Level 3 repair/maintenance issues call (614)610-9115 and specify it is an emergency.


We expect tenants to handle on their own the Level 1 type issues – see the chart and Maintenance Policy below for a list of Level on type items. So, for Level 1 issues, you will first want to try to Do It Yourself to avoid a maintenance charge.

For Level 2 request – Did you know you can submit maintenance requests online? For Level 2 Regular/Corrective repairs that are the landlord’s responsibility or Level 1 repairs that are the tenants’ responsibility, but you would rather us handle, please make all inquiries through the tenant portal so that we can better respond to and track your maintenance requests. You can call (614) 610-9115 for nonemergency request, but it will take a little longer to get queued-up in our system.

See the Chart and Maintenance Policy below to determine whether your issues falls into the Level 1 – Do It Yourself or Level 2, but if you expect it is a Level 3 Emergency call (614)610-9115 immediately.

Don’t have a tenant portal? Click the get started icon and submit your information for an activation link.

Urgent Maintenance Telephone Number: 614-610-9115